Literacy, Technology, and Diversity : Teaching for Success in Changing Times

Literacy, Technology, and Diversity : Teaching for Success in Changing Times


An invaluable resource for both practicing and pre-service teachers, this long-awaited book offers a fresh and much-needed point of view of how to "rethink" literacy and technology in today's diverse classrooms.

Authored by some of the most respected researchers in the field today, Literacy, Technology, and Diversity reflects on the idea that great expectations are achievable through educational projects that foster academic growth, with classroom diversity and technology as catalysts for deeper learning, and that a narrow focus ongrade expectations yields superficial results. Arguing today's learning principles need to incorporate the core values of community learning, critical pedagogy, multilingualism, anti-racist education, high academic standards, and technological fluency, Cummins, Sayers and Brown provide a thought-provoking introduction into these learning principles that will inspire the life-long learning of students.

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Provides examples of projects, backed by research-based theories for their effective adaptation to help both pre-service and practicing teachers become more independent and creative in the ways they use technology.

Gives useful suggestions on how to effectively integrate literacy and technology into the classroom.
Presents Portraits (Case studies) of collaborative projects promoting literacy learning and often involving technology on such topics as: Cognition, Assessment, Community of Learning, and Tools and Resources in Section II (Chapters 5-9).
Contains an appendix of short vignettes of exemplary projects that promote learning of standards-based expectations for academic achievement.
Includes a complimentary CD-ROM of additional resources for teachers as well as updated portraits on exemplary projects.

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Jim P. Cummins, Dennis Sayers, Kristin Brown
Paperback | 288 pages
191 x 232 x 14.99mm | 590g
Publication date
27 Aug 2006
Pearson Education (US)
Publication City/Country
Boston, MA, United States
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