The Serial Killers Club

The Serial Killers Club


When a skiller-you know, shorthand for serial killer-tries to kill our hero, he has no choice. He has to defend himself. But he doesn't know his own strength and soon the man who called himself Grandson-of-Barney is dead. When our hero goes through his wallet, he finds news clippings detailing Grandson's work and a mysterious personal ad from a Chicago paper, asking Grandson to join the party. But the strangest thing is that the ad is from Errol Flynn. And isn't he dead?What begins with passing curiosity soon becomes uncontrollable obsession, forcing our hero to fly to Chicago and join the party. The moment he steps into Grillers and meets the other 18 skillers, he knows his life will never be the same. Their name-the Serial Killers Club. Their game-to share the thrill of the hunt and to make sure no two members choose the same two victims. To protect their identities, they have all chosen names from old Hollywood stars and, before long, our hero becomes Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. But Dougie has no intention of being an actual skiller himself, out to harm innocent victims. Instead, he devises the perfect plan: to kill each of the members of the Serial Killers Club.With a government special agent following him who soon becomes his partner in crime, Dougie plans to knock off the skillers one by one, from Carole Lombard to Chuck Norris, Laurence Olivier to Cher.
But what will happen when the skillers notice their numbers dropping?

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Jeff Povey
Hardback | 288 pages
153 x 234 x 25.4mm | 468g
Publication date
03 Aug 2006
Little, Brown & Company
Publication City/Country
New York, United States