When Water Was Free

When Water Was Free


Patrice Walker invites you back to her east Texas home, to recount major events that have shaped her first thirty-six years of life. Armed with only a high school diploma, a steadfast faith in God and tons of mother wit, When Water Was Free comically recalls life's triumphs and reverently shares growing pains too. When plasma described a component in blood, but not a television screen; when going to church was a family outing. Meet her parents and learn the role each played in her life and why she is who she is, today. Hang out with her childhood friends and learn of how they grew up and apart. Share in her marriage to a handsome officer in the military, and grieve with his tragic death on Christmas Day 2000. Rally her confidence, as she is confronted by the other woman. Observe her children's recovery from the accident which claimed their father's life. Regroup with her during her timeout. Experience her new found happiness with her new husband and son. It's all there. It is from these recollections she realizes given the three score and ten years the bible promises, she has begun the second half of her life. Join Patrice Walker as she speaks from her mother's front porch about her life, When Water Was Free.

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K Walker Patrice, Patrice K Walker, Burke Stanford Joan, Joan Burke Stanford
Paperback | 244 pages
139.7 x 210.8 x 17.8mm | 294.83g
Publication date
31 Jul 2004
SimDen Publishing
Publication City/Country
United States
Illustrations note
black & white illustrations