In Havana They Shall Die!

In Havana They Shall Die!


An outbreak of a mysterious and drug-resistant flu virus in the United States, Russia, China, India, Britain, France and Israel has led to the most aggressive vaccination campaign ever undertaken globally. As the world's scientific community congratulates itself for successfully combating the virus, the CIA uncovers a shocking and devastating secret-the SB-2 vaccine being administered globally is a cleverly bio-engineered germ warfare virus! The international scientific community and Watchdog agencies have been duped, fatally outsmarted by a shadowy, but extremely powerful and influential organization with a global agenda. Founded in secrecy by a group of escaped Nazi war criminals and inherited by their descendants, who'd been puritanically indoctrinated from birth, the Secret Order of Oblongata has had more than sixty years to plot the swift destruction of world powers, and the resurrection of the Third Reich. With the entire United States military and 80 percent of the U.S. civilian population already vaccinated, a biological time bomb is now ticking in the bloodstream of a half of the world's population concentrated in world-power nations. Exceptionally gifted CIA contract operative, Brett Collins is already on an urgent mission in the Caribbean, where a tiny nation, the Republic of Havana-which is located 1500 miles south of Havana, Cuba-has long served as a safe haven for the secret order and its large Neo-Nazi army. Brett must recover a secret antidote and formula before the germ warfare virus-as-vaccine reaches incubation and starts killing more than 400,000 per hour. Packed with large-scale, nonstop action and heart-stopping cliffhangers, IN HAVANA THEY SHALL DIE! is the long-awaited second installment in the ACTION-PAK international thriller series by novelist and filmmaker, Paul Roberts.

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Paul Okon Roberts
Paperback | 218 pages
140 x 216 x 13mm | 281g
Publication date
02 Jan 2012
Action-Pak Media Inc.
Publication City/Country
United States
Illustrations note
black & white illustrations