Candy King : Special Edition Verse 1: The Candy Game

Candy King : Special Edition Verse 1: The Candy Game


Have you ever thought about ways to make money to get something you want? Jabari James thought the same thing. Candy King teaches kids a fun way to apply mathematics through economics. Jabari is a genius middle schooler from the Bronx, New York that loves math, hip hop and basketball. Although he's already known for his brilliance in the classroom he is determined to buy the hottest pair of basketball sneakers so that he can become more popular at his school. With the help of his little sister, Makeda, and his best friend, Antoine, he decides to start a candy business so that he can raise the money. All the while, Jabari keeps having these strange dreams about a candy world that are full of puzzles and mysteries. The mysteries include a candy river, moving trees, and candy eating lions. When he finally solves the mysteries in his dream world, he finds there's a direct connection to what he's trying to figure out with his business in the real world. Jabari faces many obstacles in pursuing his goal, but he never quits. Even when his candy business is booming, the lessons about economics and entrepreneurship that Jabari learns sends him on a new quest. He learns that the underground candy exchange at his school is already unfairly ruled by an organization called the Four Corners. He now wants to rule his school as the king of candy, but realizes that he can't do it alone. He needs others to put a plan in motion to outsmart all of his competition.

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Marcus Mafematics Johnson, Emmanuel Everett
Paperback | 92 pages
140 x 216 x 6mm | 127g
Publication date
02 Jul 2017
Tangent Learning LLC