The Southern Phoenix

The Southern Phoenix


THE SOUTHERN PHOENIX was born out of the Black experience in America during the mid-1900s. It is an intense story reflecting the lives of very real people. Throughout this historical fiction novel, the reader is introduced to events such as the sit-ins down South, the 1965 riots in Watts, fair housing issues, and scenes--poignant, joyous, riveting, and sad-- portraying daily life for families of all stripes.

In the beginning, we meet the main characters among whom is the protagonist, John David Johnson (otherwise known as Ba' Bro'). We learn of their wants and needs, their frustrations and triumphs. We witness Mr. Johnson's personal growth, though subtle at first, as he evolves from an emotionally devastated Southern farm kid to a mature, determined young man who encounters many harsh travails. He becomes a strong Black man, a devoted family man, and a civil rights attorney of note who triumphs over innumerable crushing challenges.

Ba' Bro's life is a testament to what education and enlightenment can mean to any individual--to all of us--and to how the world can change. His is a story of how one can rise from the ashes and become a Phoenix in his own right.

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Rosemary Jenkins, Steven B B Jacobs
Hardback | 346 pages
152 x 229 x 24mm | 676g
Publication date
20 Aug 2018
Meredith McGee DBA Meredith Etc
Edition Statement
2nd Printing ed.