Refuse to Be Ordinary : 10 Championship Traits

Refuse to Be Ordinary : 10 Championship Traits


REFUSE TO BE ORDINARY: 10 Championship Traits What does a champion look like? Surprisingly, a true champion may not be the kid who holds the trophy over his head. A champion is a student infected by a dream whose passion, discipline, competitiveness, poise, pride, humility, character, confidence, and courage separate him from the ranks of the ordinary. The author is not a celebrity coach who has written a book trying to cash in on a recent national championship. He's a blue-collar teacher/coach whose entire career has been spent in the trenches of public education devoted to the grassroots mission of helping boys become men. REFUSE TO BE ORDINARY takes the reader inside the locker room, inside the huddle of final timeouts, inside the American classroom, and inside the head of a veteran teacher who was inspired by the unique young men and women he taught and coached. Through specific reflection and personal stories of inspiration, this book reveals an intense slice of American amateur athletics never before documented with such a specific lens. 10 CHAMPIONSHIP TRAITS DREAMS - Champions dream in high definition. PASSION - Champions self-ignite. COMPETITIVENESS - Champions crave challenges. DISCIPLINE - Champions embrace repetition, habit and sacrifice. POISE - Champions relax. PRIDE - Champions care. HUMILITY - Champions show gratitude. CONFIDENCE- Champions visualize victory. CHARACTER - Champions choose right. COURAGE- Champions conquer fear.

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Jr Dennis King
Paperback | 158 pages
152.4 x 226.06 x 12.7mm | 226.8g
Publication date
01 Jul 2012
Outskirts Press
Publication City/Country
Parker CO, United States
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black & white illustrations