Poojamma : The Woman Who Redefined Womanhood

Poojamma : The Woman Who Redefined Womanhood


Poojamma starts with Nina, an American journalist receiving news of the death of Poojamma. As she travels to India, she has many dreams of her relationships with Poojamma. The story begins to unfold. Poojamma is a social reformer of sorts who lives in a village among Dalits in Karnataka, India. She brings unity among different castes. She becomes very popular among poor people. Her popularity sends jitters in the raw nerves of politicians who decide to fight Poojamma. Intermittent battle between her and political forces follow. Poojamma is assassinated in a dastardly bomb blast. Kala, the prodigy of Poojamma, narrates half the story to Nina. Nina takes it upon herself to make the government of India to order an official investigation into the murder. Finally, when courts are ready to hand out a death sentence to the culprits, Kala stands on the way against death sentence. The author's spicy writing style leaves only a thin line between fiction and true story. Indeed the novel is based on many true incidents with fictional flavor. The personality of Poojamma is a heady mix of fictional and real-life characters. A roller coaster of fictional intricacies awaits readers.

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M C Raj
Hardback | 290 pages
152 x 229 x 21mm | 594g
Publication date
17 Jun 2013
Partridge Publishing
Publication City/Country
United States
Illustrations note
black & white illustrations