Avoiding Lebanoth (Stories and Silver Linings - An Eclectic Collection of Contem : The Collected Short Stories

Avoiding Lebanoth (Stories and Silver Linings - An Eclectic Collection of Contem : The Collected Short Stories


Avoiding Lebanoth - Stories and Silver Linings by Stephen Williams, A collection of thought-provoking contemporary fiction short stories Formally and stylistically imaginative says Mr Stephen Fry Avoiding Lebanoth is a collection of short stories in various genres, including the science fiction fantasy realm of "Metal To Gold" and "Avoiding Lebanoth" with their post apocalyptic warnings, the psychologically challenging "Night Horror" and "Silent Victim," and containing also the prize-winning "Computerised Judas." Contents Metal To Gold
Bartok and Myander stumble across a tribe who attend to their needs. Time reveals the secret of the mountain and the tribe's intent.
Night Horror
Steve wakes from a nightmare. Dave, is his only stabilising influence but Steve wonders if he can forget the psychological trauma.
Computerised Judas
Described as being formally and stylistically imaginative by Stephen Fry, we are the observers to an internet chat channel and the gay sex and love chat between two teenagers... until we see all is not as it appears to be.
Silent Victim
Abstract and psychologically challenging, illustrating the recollections of a man for his friend and secret fantasy lover.
Teenager Paul Gibson must face the consequences of his behaviour and is sentenced to imprisonment. We witness his fears on the journey to, and the isolation of his first moments inside, prison.
Disturbing The Universe
Lloyd and Williams share a prison cell. Lloyd, a young man with a passion for poetry is forced to accept the friendship of his brutal cell-mate who wants only to enact his fantasy of gay prison sex.
The Hamster Who Lost His Smile
A humorous, child-like tale with its own message.
Avoiding Lebanoth
A post-apocalyptic fantasy outlining the fears of Sharky caught breaking town rules. His meeting with the officer, Ankard-6, who failed in his duty to breed, uncovers a mutual secret of gay love and sexual attraction.
A Fortune In Men's Eyes
Gay teens, Josh and JJ, join forces on a spree of petty theft. But Josh has an ulterior motive. He is being forced by his sister to betray his love in order to frame JJ and claim compensation.
Filling The Gap
Agonising over the death of his mother, and with his wife now living with a younger man, Martin decides to visit her with unforeseen consequences.
Saturday, Nine O'Clock
Teggs has shared a house with Ian for many years. It is time for Teggs to leave but he has second thoughts. Ian, in love with Teggs, has to decide whether to encourage the man to start a new life as planned, or to stay.
The Suicide Of Gender
A haunting short story of love lost through family responsibilities and its tragic consequences.
Parental guidance is advised, this book contains adult short stories.

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Professor Stephen Williams
Paperback | 148 pages
152 x 229 x 8mm | 209g
Publication date
11 Jul 2015
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