Designer Joy : God's Plan for Your Joy

Designer Joy : God's Plan for Your Joy


Do you want more joy in your life? Do you need more joy in your life? Did you know that you were made for joy? You can discover more of this special treasure that does not fade. Designer Joy is the joy God has prepared for you. This study, with stories and examples, explains God's purpose of joy for your life. You'll find out how most people miss out on God's Joy and how you can enter this extraordinary joy that is His Brand of Joy. You'll discover pathways to His Joy as well as a number of thieves that embezzle joy out of life. Words are too small to describe this depth of joy God has for you. Only experiencing it brings this joy into focus and lifts you higher than the clouds even in the traumas of life. This joy is better and longer lasting than the common joys people extol as the highest. This God Brand of Joy is better than winning a championship, longer lasting than the happiness of a celebratory party and more enduring than acing that test or achieving a long sought promotion. Those kinds of joys fade but God's Joy reaches deeper, lasts longer and even grows throughout life. You need this kind of joy. You were made for this type of joy.

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Dr Robert G Morrin
Paperback | 152 pages
152 x 229 x 8mm | 213g
Publication date
04 Aug 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform