The Temple of the Antichrist

The Temple of the Antichrist


In this eye-opening book, 192 pages (Illustrated)Amazon bestselling author, Bob Mitchell, takes you on a gripping fact-filled journey into current events and ancient prophecies as Israel moves ever closer to building the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Unprecedented events in Israel are continually pointing to an acceleration of prophetic fulfilment. The Temple instruments have been re-created and are ready. The priests are ready. For the first time in 2,000 years the High Priest for the Temple was elected in August 2016. The Jewish Sanhedrin have been visiting Turkey to discuss with Muslims where the Temple should be built and the coming of the Messiah. The former head of the Jerusalem Temple Institute, Rabbi Glick also visited Turkey to discuss the Temple just before he was invited to become a member of Israel's Parliament. Even Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu mentioned the Temple three times during his speech at the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem in May 2018. In this book Bob Mitchell asks "Has the Ark of the Covenant been discovered and its location hidden until the Temple is built?" The Bible says the Antichrist will honour a foreign god? Did the prophet Daniel leave us an incredible clue revealing the identity of that god? In the following pages Bob Mitchell reveals up to date information suggesting the time for the building of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and the appearance of the Antichrist may be very near, indeed. Events are moving at such an unheard of pace, the time of the end may be much closer than many believe.

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Bob Mitchell
Paperback | 196 pages
140 x 216 x 11mm | 254g
Publication date
18 Sep 2016
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Illustrations, black and white
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