A Miniature History of the Earth

A Miniature History of the Earth


Christian author Danny E. Morris and Dr. McGregor Smith JR., Professor Emeritus at Miami Dade College, consider several facts, theories, and possibilities gleaned from the history of Earth-and the Church. These considerations will expand your awareness and appreciation for both the planet and the Church. You will know more when you finish reading than you did when you started. But keep in mind, all written history-of the earth and of the Church-is "done data." Our goal is for you to realize that our generation is writing its own history-right now! It is in the history we are writing that we shall make it or break it! 'Because the words miniature and history are contrary ideas, using them as we have in the title of this book has resulted in an oxymoron. One of us (Mac) is a career environmentalist-an Earth Ethicist, if you will. The other (Danny) is a Minister of the Gospel. Yet our shared faith stance has kept us from being saddled with a "combination of contrary words," as the dictionary defines oxymoron. We are in fact "joined at the hip"we have simpatico, as stated elsewhere. In this book, we are not attempting to focus on a sweeping, historical plethora of human affairs or "wars and rumors of wars" that the first three Gospel writers predicted (Matt. 24:6; Mark. 13:7; Luke 21:9). We have intentionally linked "miniature" and "history," but we have no intention of usurping the task and passion of historians for making a study or a record of past events. Though we will mention various historic events, we will concentrate our focus on the beginning of history (the earliest absolute past) and the present day, hence, Miniature History. One cannot pick up a stick without both ends lifting. Here, we are most keenly interested in this end of the "stick" because our end of history is the only portion yet to be written. And all of us have the privilege of writing it. Ultimately, this is about how we will answer the question: What history do we want to-or will we be able to-write about our earth-and about our faith?' Danny E. Morris & Dr. McGregor Smith JR.

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Danny E Morris, Dr McGregor Smith Jr
Paperback | 146 pages
140 x 216 x 8mm | 177g
Publication date
22 Dec 2016
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