Birchwood Farm Grove : Underground Secret Societies Calling Out Jack the Ripper! ] Origin James Walton Aka Peavine Jimmy Unveiled

Birchwood Farm Grove : Underground Secret Societies Calling Out Jack the Ripper! ] Origin James Walton Aka Peavine Jimmy Unveiled


This book is an original creation a 33-year Quest into BIRCHWOOD FARM revealing a secret-history; new evidence in scripophily form (secret-stock certificate's) complex and comprehensive material that may or may not at times, contradict conventional history. Seeking answers to our questions we embark on a treasure hunt scavenging clues for research. A treasury amassed after compiling tangible objects, of these two paper artifacts (stock certificate's) kept back in a surreptitious way, foreshadow the Reality of a financial conspiracy, a Hidden Corp. In 1914 secret stocks #18:19 were issued to James Breen, a smelting/mining adept sought-after by money men, including two hotel bros. Ben and Billy and 3 Copper King's Clark Daly and Heinze. We have yet to find the others, the unseen power elite shareholders who as a group owned Birchwood Farm. The duo stocks expose secrets along the way leading to the financial stock market paradox/bank panic. Appearances can be deceiving not obvious at first. Under closer scrutiny the stocks provide tangible evidence hidden behind a façade of a farmhouse, where Ben entertained Friends at his private club under the guise of the Norman Ranch, situated opposite Spokane House drawing attention away from a tight-knit Corp., that you're not supposed to know about. In so doing they have missed the boat. The fact is the better-known Hudson Bay Co. incorporated in 1670 overshadows the BFC. (The two companies were not concurrent.) BIRCHWOOD FARM formed into a legal corporation in 1914 organized by the power of three, in the midst of tight-lipped pioneer players who got in the powerhouse through the back door, where the best thinkers at the time racked their brains working in the shadows of a farmhouse, historically linked financially through the Secret Societies, the Spokane Mining Men's Club, Hotel Spokane Stock Exchange, Spokane Club, Newspapers/Media, Commerce, Politics, Bohemian Grove Skull & Bones Society Knights of the Golden Circle, Federal Reserve, BFC & WWP Land Co's. Realize that most if not all in this were Freemasons who value secrecy above all else bound together by oaths of protection. Also since no one has solved the riddle of a stranger in 2010 we were summoned to moonlight in addition to our research. We shine light that leads to the identity of a squatter perpetually bound to a strange iconic building a focal point identified as the James Pea vine Jimmy Walton threshing barn to be found facing the HBC site. The Co. takes center-stage surrounded by the Riverside State Park Nine Mile Falls, WA. James Walton has been wrapped in secrecy a repeated Cliché for his portrayal of Pea vine Jimmy a western cultural icon. It was as if no one had searched for him. After years of misleading directions in our quest in the end we track Pea vine Jimmy! Here and now we reveal James Walton's obscure ORIGIN ending the misconceptions. A mythical narrative understates his hidden past. Theirs much more to Pea vine Jimmy than what meets the eye! The research focuses on two low profile Innkeepers James and Ben who lodge in the same territory at the same time upon sacred Native grounds. The Pea vine Jimmy threshing barn is just a stone's throw from the Birchwood Lodge. Yet oddly enough by all accounts these two harbingers did not know one another. Stranger still theirs a serial killer, dubbed Jack the Ripper. While certain persons herein are not to blame, they did live concurrent during the multiple murders set in Whitechapel London in 1888. Lastly theirs Ed who let the cat out of the bag with two secret stocks whilst keeping bound an untold amount. It's a wonder that the stocks have survived the test of time despite the fact that others have been destroyed. Two paper relics originate from a sacred place of rituals and fishing a time of conflict between Native's and colonists in the midst of the Spokane and Little Rivers where legendary fishing have long since disappeared.

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Vern Berg, Carrie (crandall) Berg
Paperback | 148 pages
216 x 279 x 8mm | 358g
Publication date
26 Sep 2017
Independently Published