Year Books Vol 1 : Vulgate Edition

Year Books Vol 1 : Vulgate Edition


[Great Britain] [Vulgate Edition]. The Year Books.London: by George Sawbridge, [etc]., 1678, 1679-80. With New Introductory Notes and Tables in Each Volume Naming all Justices and Serjeants, and Listing Calendar Years of Law Terms, by David J. Seipp, Professor of Law, Boston University, with Carol F. Lee of the District of Columbia Bar. Reprinted 2007 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. VOLUME I: ISBN-13: 978-158477-782-3. ISBN-10: 1-58477-782-6. Cloth, folio (9" x 14"). VOLUME I ONLY printed on demand (approx. 14 weeks from date of order to ship date) $330.* Reprint of Vol. I of the Vulgate edition, with a new detailed introduction that addresses the history, content and significance of The Year Books, and tables that list all justices and sergeants, as well as calendar years of law terms. The new material includes references to Seipp's Index and Paraphrase of Printed Year Book Reports 1268-1535, which is based on the Vulgate edition reprinted here. A powerful research tool, Seipp's Index and Paraphrase of Printed Year Book Reports, 1268-1535 is a free online database of all printed Year Book reports that indexes and summarizes almost all of the cases in this edition. It also guides the reader to later and prior proceedings of individual cases and to all case references in abridgments and other sources. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of The Year Books. As Marvin put it in his Legal Bibliography (1847), these were the "venerable books" from which Littleton, Hobart, Hale and Coke drew "so much valuable ore, melting it into ingots and refining and sending it abroad as the correct coin of the common law" (756). As a series of notes on debates and points of pleadings they are primary sources for our knowledge of medieval common law. The origin of The Year Books is unknown. Maitland believed that the earliest volumes were notes taken by law students in court copied for the use of pleaders in later cases. Holdsworth maintained that The Year Books, like other law reports, were records of cases made by lawyers for their own private use with no thought toward subsequent publication. Though it is not known when the first volumes were compiled, it is clear that the earliest cases date from 1268; the printed series continues to 1535. The first Year Books were printed in 1481-1482 by William de Machlinia. The Vulgate edition was published between 1678 and 1680; it remains the standard edition.The set comprises: Vol. I.: Edward II 1307-1327 Vol. II.: 1-10 Edward III 1327-1337 Vol. III.: 17-39 Edward III 1343-1366 Vol. IV.: 40-50 Edward III 1366-1377 Vol. V.: Liber Assissarum 1327-1377 Vol. VI.: 1-14 Henry IV and 1-9 Henry V 1399-1422 Vol. VII.: 1-20 Henry VI 1422-1442 Vol. VIII.: 21-39 Henry VI 1442-1461 Vol. IX.: 1-22 Edward IV 1461-1483 Vol. X.: Long Quinto, 5 Edward IV 1465-1466 Vol. XI.: Edward V, Richard III, Henry VII and Henry VIII 1483-1535 (Each volume includes a new introduction.)

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David J. Seipp, Carol Lee
Publication date
11 Oct 2007
Lawbook Exchange Ltd