What to Feed a Vegan : Or a Gorilla If One Stops by

What to Feed a Vegan : Or a Gorilla If One Stops by


Most people these days know someone or of someone who is Vegan or thinking of trying it. The reason I made this book is because most people are not Vegan and when they have a family member or friend visit it can be challenging to say the least as to what to feed them. I wanted to create simple delicious recipes that can be made without having to go to specialty stores for ingredients and spices that are unheard of. I wrote this book for non Vegans and Vegans to have an easy go to plan for any moment of entertaining or just a quick healthy meal. I am a Certified Vegan Chef and Baker and take pride in my creations to bring you the best flavours and enjoyment with food. Simple step by step instructions with 30 recipes to choose from. I myself love recipe books but hate all the "fluff " sort of speak in between recipes. Just give me the Meat and Potatoes. Or as a Vegan I guess I should change that to Tofu and Veggies. I wanted to keep this book simple and straight to the point. It's not so much about educating about Veganism but more about What To Feed A Vegan . It might even have you eating more like a Vegan. Cheers !

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James W C Perry
Paperback | 124 pages
203 x 203 x 7mm | 209g
Publication date
26 Apr 2018
Vegan Gorilla