The Reich Device

The Reich Device


Professor Gustav Mayer is riddled with guilt after making a monumental discovery: a new technology a century ahead of its time. But his secret is not safe, the world is not safe - a new menace rises in 1930's Germany. Mayer's world spirals out of control; hunted by ruthless killers from the newly formed SS, a game of brinkmanship begins. Who is the grey man? Assassin or protector? A global trail of espionage leads from Berlin to New York, Cairo, and London - but is it all a grand deception? What are German spies doing in South Africa? What does this have to do with big American corporations? Meanwhile, Mayer is forced to work on fledgling rocket technology for the new regime in Berlin, but his captors suspect he conceals an even greater secret. British intelligence makes a bold attempt to rescue Mayer, but the plan goes wrong and Mayer is critically injured. Mayer is interrogated by the ruthless Commandant Kessler, and in a moment of delirium mutters a vital part of his secret; but it doesn't make any sense. Mayer is moved to the infamous V1 rocket site at Peenemunde - a smoke screen for a more deadly ultra top secret weapon - but time is running out. A daring fight in the swamp forests of Zululand, and the duping of British intelligence, gets crucial raw materials back to Germany. But the game is not over until the last man is standing - assassins on both sides have men to kill. This scientific thriller, with its intricate plot, will appeal to fans of Robert Harris's Fatherland, Guy Saville's Afrika Reich and Clive Cussler's The Spy.

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Richard D. Handy
Paperback | 344 pages
138 x 216 x 18.29mm | 399.16g
Publication date
23 Oct 2015
Troubador Publishing
Publication City/Country
Market Harborough, United Kingdom
Illustrations note
black & white illustrations
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