Serverless Integration Design Patterns with Azure : Build powerful cloud solutions that sustain next-generation products

Serverless Integration Design Patterns with Azure : Build powerful cloud solutions that sustain next-generation products


A practical guide that helps you progress to using modern integration methods and leverage new cloud capability models

Key Features

Design critical hybrid integration solutions for your organization
Gain in-depth knowledge of how to build cloud-native integration solutions
Leverage cognitive services to build smart cloud solutions

Book DescriptionWith more enterprises adapting cloud-based and API-based solutions, application integration has become more relevant and significant than ever before. Parallelly, Serverless Integration has gained popularity, as it helps agile organizations to build integration solutions quickly without having to worry about infrastructure costs. With Microsoft Azure's serverless offerings, such as Logic Apps, Azure Functions, API Management, Azure Event Grid and Service Bus, organizations can build powerful, secure, and scalable integration solutions with ease.

The primary objective of this book is to help you to understand various serverless offerings included within Azure Integration Services, taking you through the basics and industry practices and patterns. This book starts by explaining the concepts of services such as Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Service Bus with hands-on examples and use cases. After getting to grips with the basics, you will be introduced to API Management and building B2B solutions using Logic Apps Enterprise Integration Pack.

This book will help readers to understand building hybrid integration solutions and touches upon Microsoft Cognitive Services and leveraging them in modern integration solutions. Industry practices and patterns are brought to light at appropriate opportunities while explaining various concepts.

What you will learn

Learn about the design principles of Microsoft Azure Serverless Integration
Get insights into Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid and Service Bus
Secure and manage your integration endpoints using Azure API Management
Build advanced B2B solutions using Logic Apps, Enterprise Integration Pack
Monitor integration solutions using tools available on the market
Discover design patterns for hybrid integration

Who this book is forServerless Integration Design Patterns with Azure is for you if you are a solution architect or integration professional aiming to build complex cloud solutions for your organization. Developers looking to build next-level hybrid or cloud solutions will also find this book useful. Prior programming knowledge is necessary.

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Abhishek Kumar, Srinivasa Mahendrakar
Paperback | 494 pages
75 x 92 x 25.15mm | 839.15g
Publication date
13 Feb 2019
Packt Publishing Limited
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Birmingham, United Kingdom