These Are The Anglo Indians

These Are The Anglo Indians


Reginald Maher's 'These Are the Anglo Indians' is the second book in the Anglo Indian Heritage series. The author tells the little known story of Anglo Indian history. How this small community adapted, in the face of difficulties and survived and helped shape the destiny of the British in India. The Portuguese came to India just over 500 years ago. The Dutch, French and the British soon followed, attracted by the famed riches of India, Europeans married local people. These unions resulted in the birth of a new community which later came to be known as Anglo-Indians. Reginald Maher narrates this 500 year old history and brings the achievements of a number of Anglo Indians and their significant contributions to Indian society. This remarkable story of a small community is a story of courage and resilience in the face of adversity. The books are called the Anglo Indian Heritage books as they chronicle the rich and colorful history of the Anglo Indian Community. This small community has had outstanding achievements at every level of society for hundreds of years, but that record of achievement has been hidden, passed over or co-opted as British and Indian History. The Heritage Books are an attempt to fairly represent the history of the community by works by Anglo Indians themselves. These books are a record of the history of the community and in the process celebrate the forgotten Heroes of the Community and their achievements. The Other books in the series are: (1) Britain's Betrayal in India: The Story of the Anglo Indian Community by Frank Anthony (2) Hostages to India: The Life story of The Anglo Indian Race by Herbert Alick Stark (3) Cimmerii? Or Eurasians and Their Future by Cedric Dover.

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James Reginald Maher
Paperback | 132 pages
140 x 216 x 7mm | 177g
Publication date
30 May 2007
Simon Wallenberg Press
Publication City/Country
London, United Kingdom
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