The Tao of Sexual Massage: Book and Video

The Tao of Sexual Massage: Book and Video


Massage is one of the most powerful forms of communication between adults. Taoist philosophy embraces the importance of this type of intimacy throughout life. This book/video pack teaches Taoist massage. The pack is a complete guide to massage that shows how to: release sexual energy and free creative power; re-vitalize relationships through a deeper understanding of sex; improve self-confidence through relaxation and meditation exercises; and enhance sexual enjoyment for both partners. Simple step-by-step instructions lay out a pathway of personal exploration and discovery. Designed to relax and to encourage energy flow, this title teaches participants how to give and receive massage, and to enhance the enjoyment of making love. There is a description of the Taoist way of interpreting body energy, explaining the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, with detailed reference to the meridians (channels of energy) and the centres of divine energy. With a basic understanding of the movement of energy around the body, readers can learn to stimulate sexual energy using massage.
In preparation for the massage, the book discusses the male and female principles, sexuality, meditation, and provides illustrations of the four basic techniques used in the massage sequences. Two full sequences are presented, "The back sequence" and "The front sequence". Each is illustrated with photographs and artwork, which are accompanied by instructions in the book, and presented in the video. A final sequence of facial massage is described. This calms the energy flow of the participants to its former level, and completes the massage.

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Stephen Russell, Jurgen Kolb
Mixed media product | 192 pages
164 x 234 x 16mm | 539.99g
Publication date
26 Apr 1996
Octopus Publishing Group
Gaia Books Ltd
Publication City/Country
London, United Kingdom
Illustrations note
42 colour photographs, b&w illustrations