An Evidence-based Approach to Phytochemicals and Other Dietary Factors

An Evidence-based Approach to Phytochemicals and Other Dietary Factors


Now in a completely updated second edition, An Evidence-based Approach to Dietary Phytochemicals and Other Dietary Factors is a trusted resource for all health professionals who need to interpret the explosion of information on the role of a plant-based diet in health and disease. It consolidates a wealth of scientifically accurate, peer-reviewed data on plant foods, dietary phytochemicals, and dietary supplements, and includes information on essential intake recommendations, dietary sources, nutrient and drug interactions, phytochemicals in disease prevention, possible adverse effects, and much more.

Special features:

All chapters revised and updated, with new sections on choline, coenzyme Q10, L-Carnitine, lipoic acid, and other dietary factors
Logically structured for quick access to information: begins with the evidence-based benefits of fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, coffee, and tea; and goes on to the scientific and clinical data on individual dietary phytochemicals and classes of phytochemicals, including carotenoids, flavonoids, fiber, and more
Summaries at the end of each chapter for rapid review
Peer-reviewed by experts in the field, ensuring that all material is accurate and up-to-date
The well-constructed appendix includes not only a quick reference to diseases and foods and where to find them in the book, but also useful tables on phytochemical-drug interactions, phytochemical-nutrient interactions, and phytochemical-rich foods; a summary of the glycemic index of dietary carbohydrates; and a comprehensive glossary of terms

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Jane Higdon, Victoria J. Drake, Linus Pauling Institute
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10 Dec 2012
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Stuttgart, Germany
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2nd edition
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