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ISBN 10: 1179458788
ISBN 13: 9781179458786

Download New America by William Hepworth Dixon

ISBN 10: 1359287264
ISBN 13: 9781359287267

Download Annual Report of the Director of Forestry by Making Of America Project

ISBN 10: 1363081616
ISBN 13: 9781363081615

Download History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain; Volume 3 by William Hickling 1796-1859 Prescott

ISBN 10: 0530588420
ISBN 13: 9780530588421

07 Mar 2019
Henry Hart Milman
Download History of Latin Christianity Including That of the Popes to the Pontificate of Nicholas V by Henry Hart Milman

ISBN 10: 1347557075
ISBN 13: 9781347557075

Download Poetry of the Fields by Making Of America Project

ISBN 10: 1245499564
ISBN 13: 9781245499569

14 Sep 2011
Augustin Cochin
Download The Results of Emancipation by Augustin Cochin

ISBN 10: 1290316007
ISBN 13: 9781290316002

Download The Philosophers of Foufouville by Making Of America Project

ISBN 10: 0342009540
ISBN 13: 9780342009541

Download Elements of Analytical Mechanics by William Holms Chambers Bartlett

ISBN 10: 0530466597
ISBN 13: 9780530466590

07 Mar 2019
Andrew Johnson
Download Speeches of Andrew Johnson by Andrew Johnson

ISBN 10: 1362770752
ISBN 13: 9781362770756

26 Aug 2016
Nancy N Scott
Download A Memoir of Hugh Lawson White Judge of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, Member of the Senate of the United States, Etc., Etc by Nancy N Scott

ISBN 10: 1371533563
ISBN 13: 9781371533564

Download History of the Public School System of California by John 1830-1913 Swett

ISBN 10: 1245074431
ISBN 13: 9781245074438

Download The Struggle for Neutrality in America by Jr. Charles Francis Adams

ISBN 10: 1179794818
ISBN 13: 9781179794815

Download On the Genesis of Species by St George Jackson Mivart

ISBN 10: 1378666682
ISBN 13: 9781378666685

24 Feb 2018
Herman Haupt
Download General Theory of Bridge Construction, Containing Demonstrations of the Principles of the Art and Their Application to Practice by Herman Haupt

ISBN 10: 1363160125
ISBN 13: 9781363160129

Download Bibliotheca Historica Or, a Catalogue of 5000 Volumes of Books and Manuscripts Relating Chiefly to the History and Literature of North and South America, Among Which Is Included the Larger Proportion of the Extraordinary Library of the Late Henry... by Henry 1819-1886 Stevens

ISBN 10: 1363271989
ISBN 13: 9781363271986

Download The Homes of the New World by Fredrika 1801-1865 Bremer

ISBN 10: 1363512196
ISBN 13: 9781363512195

Download Trappers of New York Or, a Biography of Nicholas Stoner & Nathaniel Foster; Together with Anecdotes of Other Celebated Hunters, and Some Account of Sir William Johnson, and His Style of Living by Jeptha Root 1807-1883 Simms

ISBN 10: 1314471430
ISBN 13: 9781314471434

Download A System of Instruction in the Practical Use of the Blowpipe Being a Graduated Course of Analysis for the Use of Students, and All Those Engaged in the Examination of Metallic Combinations by Making Of America Project

ISBN 10: 1340378523
ISBN 13: 9781340378523

Download The Presidential Counts a Complete Official Record of the Proceedings of Congress at the Counting of the Electoral Votes in All the Elections of President and Vice-President of the United States; Together with All Congressional Debates Incident Thereto, O by Making Of America Project

ISBN 10: 1363048287
ISBN 13: 9781363048281

Download A History of Lewis County, in the State of New York by Franklin Benjamin 1822-1885 Hough

ISBN 10: 1363981528
ISBN 13: 9781363981526

Download The Works of Daniel Webster; Volume 6 by Daniel 1782-1852 Webster

ISBN 10: 1363388169
ISBN 13: 9781363388165

Download The Works of Washington Irving; Volume 21 by Washington 1783-1859 Irving

ISBN 10: 1245093266
ISBN 13: 9781245093262

11 Sep 2011
Charles Lanman
Download The Private Life of Daniel Webster by Charles Lanman

ISBN 10: 3337383599
ISBN 13: 9783337383596

Download The Correlation and Conservation of Forces by Making Of America Project

ISBN 10: 1362633933
ISBN 13: 9781362633938

Download The Government and Communion Practised by the Congregational Churches in the United States of America Which Were Represented by Elders and Messengers in a National Council at Boston, 1865 by Making Of America Project

ISBN 10: 1172787557
ISBN 13: 9781172787555

24 May 2011
J Ross 1821 Browne
Download Resources of the Pacific Slope [Electronic Resource] a Statistical and Descriptive Summary of the Mines and Minerals, Climate, Topography, Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures, and Miscellaneous Productions, of the States and Territories West of the Rocky by J Ross 1821 Browne

ISBN 10: 1340856662
ISBN 13: 9781340856663

01 Sep 2015
J Clement French
Download The Trip of the Steamer Oceanus to Fort Sumter and Charleston, S.C. Comprising the ... Programme of Exercises at the Re-Raising of the Flag Over the Ruins of Fort Sumter, April 14th, 1865 by J Clement French

ISBN 10: 1177353199
ISBN 13: 9781177353199

17 Aug 2010
Francis Lieber
Download Addresses of the Newly-Appointed Professors of Columbia College, with an Introductory Address by William Betts, LL.D. February, 1858 by Francis Lieber

ISBN 10: 1296413659
ISBN 13: 9781296413651

20 Feb 2015
Joseph Sabin
Download Catalogue of the Books, Manuscripts, and Engravings Belonging to William Menzies of New York - Scholar's Choice Edition by Joseph Sabin

ISBN 10: 1354342615
ISBN 13: 9781354342619

Download Reasons for Abandoning the Theory of Free Trade and Adopting the Principle of Protection to American Industry by William D 1814-1890 Kelley